Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Updated New Olympos

So this is the newest version of the New Olympos map. I was tinkering with names for the rivers the other day and decided I liked what happened, so there you go.

The story is this: It's set in a future time when humans have absolutely perfected genetic engineering and have no qualms abusing their new found "genius". Because it seems like everything scientific has Greek or Roman names I'm using that as cause to make us/humans decide to make mythological figures a reality. So we cross breed human genes with those of lions, wolves, eagles, hawks, horses, bulls, goats, rams, and other various critters to come up with the races. I'm thinking we also create hydras and monsters and junk.

We find/terraform a new planet - the map I made is just a small section - and give it Greek-ish names. The ships and space stations that orbit this planet will be given actual Greek names: Athens, Sparta, Thebes, Minoan, etc.

So we make the other races: Leos, Lykos, Aetos and Gerakis, and Agelios first and plant them on this new world. But because people are over-confident, self-righteos dumbasses they don't stop to think " hey, we've just created a whole population of natural enemies on one world together" , so they have to make super humans (reminiscient of and named after Greek heroes) and place them smack in the middle to keep the peace. However, even with these genetically modified "super humans" their presence is still too insignificant to stop anything but minor conflicts between the beast races. The warring species are just cordoned off into their own nation states and the heroes try to keep bloodshed to a minimum.

This is where the space marines from jump ships come into it. When the world is on the brink of chaos the powers that be decided that they'd rather see the whole thing obliterated than let their hubris win out. So the marines are deployed to clean up the mess the government and scientists made, but when the beasts and heroes realize that they are about to be wiped out they band together and fight back against anihilation at the hands of their creators.

Revisiting this storyline months after its original inception made me realize just how campy the idea really is. I don't know how I'm going to work it out since there a lot going on and a rather meaty sci-fi presence which I am completely unfamiliar with. Therefore any tips and/or suggestions and resources are very welcome.

And what the hey, it's just for poops and giggles anyway. Besides, Hollywood makes huge blockbuster movies of this type of crap all the time (300, Clash of the Titans, etc) so maybe there is yet hope to be rich and famous.....ya know, because writers are just rolling naked in mounds of cash.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eureka! (And finally a zombie gunslinger related post)

I had the greatest idea EVER occur to me this afternoon!

While I was driving around the North Fork of the Duchesne River this past weekend with my dad I kept telling him how the mountains would be a great hold fast in the aftermath of the zom-pocalypse. There's water, wood, game, fish, and the terrain is far too rough for the walking dead to navigate....thank you Max Brooks and WWZ for the idea.

It's been nesting in the back of my mind ever since. Then whammo!! At work the pieces cascaded into place and formed the zombie-western, post-apocalyptic story of Dead Reckoning.

As always, I wasn't nailed to the idea until a thought up a title that fit just right. Dead Reckoning works on many levels:

1) Wikipedia defines "dead reckoning" as - the process of estimating one's current position based upon a previously determined position. While traditional methods of dead reckoning are no longer considered primary means of navigation, modern systems (GPS) are very widely used.
A disadvantage of dead reckoning is that since new positions are calculated solely from previous positions, the errors of the process are cumulative, so the error in the position fix grows with time.
This applies very well because the whole premise of the story is that the generation (or possibly the next generation - 2 from the zom-pocalypse) following the outbreak has reverted back to Old West style living. They only vaguely know where they are headed based on the previous period of American history. They are learning as they go through trial and error and finding ways to adapt to rougher living, competition with other survivors, and contending with the ever present threat of zombies. A second application is that technology has failed almost entirely because there is no one left to pilot the satellites, keep the ISPs humming, or generally leave the lights on. Therefore a humanity that has become increasingly dependent on mass media, abundant power, and knowledge at the touch of a button is now forced to eek out a living in the wilderness like their forefathers.
2) A definition for "reckoning" is - an opinion or judgment, or the consequences/retribution for one's actions.
This fits because in the story it is not known/no longer known what caused the outbreak to begin with. Some think it was government work/weapons/testing that lost control and others believe it to be God's judgment on a crumbling, immoral world. Either way it just so happens to be that it is the dead wreaking havoc against the clustered pockets of lingering civilization.
The whole thing won't be entirely Old West....that would just make folks think there was a post Civil War outbreak. There will be those with modern firearms, but ammo (particularly brass shells) is running short and people are going back to black powder weaponry. Fuel was mostly consumed as people fled into the mountains from all over the country. Air travel, aside from the rare glider or hot air balloon, is nearly non-existent. Travel by horse and wagon is easier than it was in the late 1800s due to the fact that paved roads still criss-cross the country, but they are falling apart, dead ending in the canyons, or being washed out from repeated storms and no maintenance.
Another problem....beyond the obvious zombie infestation....is that Mad Max-ian bands of cannibals and marauders have formed to pillage and plunder the settlements. And what is a sleepy mountain town without a self appointed, greedy baron out for land, power, and domination. These fat cats monopolize trade, passage, and any source of power (electricity, water, fuel, etc). Perhaps some even construct pioneer style forts which they defend with armies of hired thugs who run amuck and present yet another threat to those trying to pick up the pieces.
Hunting is difficult because some animals have become even more skittish of humans due to the wandering dead, while others (bears, large cats, wolves, etc) have become much more violent and aggressive, attacking any human and tearing them asunder. They do not consume the flesh of zombies...aside from your routine scavengers like carrion birds and coyotes. Animals cannot become infected from the bite of a zombie because they lack the brain physiology of a human which stores the zombie-ism.
Printed books....already becoming a rarity (imagine the future!) are treasured - the most highly sought after being Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide, and what would be the American West without the zealous Bible thumpers clamoring for leadership of their flock.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lucky find, even luckier save

Check it out!! (*unless you're Shelley, in which case you should heed my disclaimer/warning before checking it out)


I don't remember when I stumbled across this site.....must have been about 6 months ago or so.....and I certainly don't remember saving it to my favorites list, but I'm very glad I did. The amount of information is overwhelming, the dedication is impressive, and best of all the inspiration is endless!

*Fair warning to Shelley: it's a definite DO NOT read before bed! Your head will be spinning with ideas as you lie there staring up into the dark wishing you could sleep because you have so much to do tomorrow. I thought about hyphenating all of that, but felt as though I'd be squandering a lifetime allotment of hyphens.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My inner-workings

I was recently sent a short questionnaire from Shelley at http://wickedlydivinecreations.blogspot.com/. It was kinda fun. My answers are below:

What is your dream job?
Owner of a horse ranch for disabled kids

Where would you like to live?
Just about anywhere in the mountains. It doesn't even have to be the Rocky Mountains, just somewhere suitable for a horse ranch.

What century would you like to live in?
Mine is a bit of and overlap - I would say the 1800s spanning the first few decades of the 1900s, probably ending 1920ish

What would be your last meal?
I LOVE seafood, so I would say sushi and snow crab legs with shrimps and scallops. No oysters!

Why did you start a blog?
To have an easy to manage forum to share my ideas and creations. I also like connecting with other people, but loathe facebook.

What is your favorite article of clothing?
I like my boots and almost any button up plaid shirt.

What is your favorite film?
It's hard to narrow it down to any specific title, so I'll say anything in the Adventure genre: Indiana Jones, Rambo, LOTR, etc. "Epics" are good.

What would you like to do before age 100?
Full circle back to starting a horse ranch. I would settle for building a cabin if I can't go for the full blown ranch/lodge/log home.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vastmorlund with labels

Here's the new map with place names. They could change if the muses bless me with more creative names, but we'll just have to see what comes.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This awesomely incredible world is unexpectedly my new Vastmorlund! Hooray!! I wasn't satisfied with the other map(s) I kept trying to turn out for it.......so I bowed to the genius that is http://donjon.bin.sh/

This all encompassing generator is hands down the VERY BEST I have ever come across. It does EVERYTHING - worlds, weather, characters, ships, names....astounding!

Much, much more to come....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Japan" Maps

Ryu'shima (Dragon Island)

Yamashi (Mountain Island)

(No name)

I spent the day making use of Google Translator to give the islands and towns actual Japanese names. Admittedly I fudged things a bit in places - and I'm sure I screwed up a few others since I don't have any idea how Japanese grammar and sentence structure work.

I haven't renamed the western island yet because I can't find anything that I feel suits it.

The key is as follows: RED dot = temple, BLACK dot = town/city, BLACK square = fortress/castle

Once I have the maps complete (or at least to minimal satisfaction/capabilities) I will add a few notes to the workings of the world. I still haven't decided if these landmasses will comprise the whole world or just be a portion. On the smaller scale I reckon them at a 1cm:10 miles ratio - that's printed on standard 8.5 x 11 paper.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Knick knack paddy whack, throw a geek a bone

I just stumbled across a veritable treasure trove of talent and inspiration! And by "just" I mean yesterday afternoon and I've been perusing it ever since. Check this out:


I was Google-ing images of leather armor and came across this great pencil drawing...so I clicked it and was taken to the above site. The long list of clip art and other related links are jam packed with the incredible artistic talent of one Todd Jordan 'Greywolf' Peacock. What a fantastic resource!

I have spent hours and hours going through the site and viewing every pic I can find. I have already written a few pages of story based solely on the drawings of: scroll-eye.jpg and hat-floppy.jpg

I mucho highly recommend taking a peek, or really long gander at this wonderful site. I guaran-damn-tee that you'll find something you like, and next thing you know inspiration will strike like lightning and you'll be pounding the compie keys or scribbling furiously in your sketchpad. Kara, you may sling watercolor whilst Shelley sews maniacally :) Kara I'm sure you'll give it a much deserved "Zowie!" Shelley...um...you will be very sweet...and probably make some strange Aussie exclamation that I've never heard before :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Olympos

Here's the map of another story I've been batting around for a while. FYI This came about accidentally as I was trying to create Natalie's map(s). What can I say? Muses, like other supernatural beings, work in mysterious ways.

It took a long time to come up with the name of New Olympos for this world. I know it sounds very simple, and it is, but I couldn't decide for months if I was going to give this world and characters actual Greek names or just names that were very Greek sounding. In the end there will be a mixture of both.

A very big thanks to http://www.wjohnson.freeuk.com/names/greeka.htm for providing a great Greek name generator. Having studied Greek mythology for as long as I can remember I had a pretty good feel for what "sounded Greek" but this generator gives a really good mixture of composition that I never would have concocted myself.

As with The Six Kingdoms I will wait to see who wants to hear the story before I just go splattering it up here.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Natalie Maps

This is a map I did months ago for a Coalition mate and very good friend of mine, Natalie J Walsh. She's a fantastically gifted writer given she's just a pup.

She always tells me how envious she is of the names I come up with for places, but given that she is writing a remarkably originally fantasy story combining the names of Heaven's gates and tarot cards I would have to (and do) envy her!

If you like this check out her page at http://lil_bit_dizzy.elfwood.com/ and be sure to hound her with comments demanding more stories. I know for a fact that she has written several more chapters than what's posted and each is muy fabuloso.

This map is a modified version of what is above. This area is the southern desert region of Raqi'a, I just expanded it and shifted a couple of the islands. This positioning makes better sense based on the descriptions of climate and overall size that Natalie supplied. Again, she's an awesome writer! Totally check out her stuff and be sure to tell her the Zombie Gunslinger sent you.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


It is only right that I should have magpies on my blog. Shelley and Brendon will understand more than others. Mayhap I'll create a crest for the Coalition with a magpie on it. Whaddaya say me Coalition chums?

For the record, I did not do these. They come from the quick artistic genius of one Kara Bang Boulden, my cousin-in-law and fellow blogga. Check her out http://karaboulden.blogspot.com/

Visual Design & Illustration is only one of her five or so blogs.

Thanks Kara, you's the bestest!

Monday, July 12, 2010


This is a rather simple creation that I have decided to call Eoria - in my mind that is pronounced Yoria...not as though it were named after a certain depressed donkey from the Hundred Acre Wood. Also I think it just looks better with an E.

I haven't put a whole lot of thought into it, I just liked the combination of features and shapes. I also didn't include any rivers of other place names because I figure folks can use it as they'd like and add whatever strikes their fancy. I couldn't even decide which way I liked it positioned...I flipped it...rotated it...and just could settle on anything.

As a jumping off point I figured I'd throw out some concepts for races and see who likes what. I thought the Ayori (also another reason I avoided Yoria - I didn't want the names too redundant) could be an ancient land/terrain race. Their architecture is composed of terraced platforms and gardens like the Inca. The idea struck me from terra and race....terrace. Voila!

And since every world thrives on conflict I tossed in the E'titi, a water race - can't decide whether they're Atlantean humaniods or some sort of merfolk - that have recently come in to the region. Other users' imaginations can decide the relative time span correspondent to the term "recently". Maybe the E'titi just barely got there, maybe they've been around for decades, centuries, millennia...you decide.

By the way, the Ayori could be a stone worshipping people. It's makes for a good justification of conflict with a water people. The Ayori see the land as permanent and ageless, having always existed. Now there's this culture from the depths making war with them. The Ayori believe that they are incredibly strong and steadfast and will stand against the E'titi as the coast weathers the pounding tide. The E'titi on the other hand see the ocean as endless and know that over time the relentless onslaught of waves will erode the shore, carrying it away a bit at a time until it's been reduced to nothing.

And....GO! I'd love to hear what people do with the ideas, or brand spanking new ones of their own.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Because you asked for it


Certain followers/other bloggers - aka bloggas ;) - enthusiastically requested more about The Six Kingdoms, so here it is!

The Six Kingdoms

The following is what each of the Six Kingdoms is known for. These are the prided values of each kingdom.

Northern: defense and war
Sunset: mining and farming
Central: peace and order
Eastern: law and military enforcement
Sunrise: philosophy and freedom
Southern: commerce and prosperity
Amethyst Islands: an extension of the Southern Kingdom rich in finery and jewel mines
Lands of Exile: criminals and pirates
Wild North: savages and raiders

With such different goals and outlooks it is bound to be that not every kingdom gets along with its neighbors. Shared borders are no guarantee of civility, while others form lucrative partnerships. These are the Rivalries and Alliances of the Six Kingdoms.

The Northern Kingdom thinks all others are weak and sheepish in the face of danger. Were it not for their spilled blood and honed blades the North is sure that the remaining kingdoms would fall to the Nordes. The North holds a wavering, professional respect for the military might of the Eastern Kingdom, but is also resentful and feels that the East does not do their part to defend the northern border. The North has closest ties and kinship with the Sunset Kingdom who provides men and supplies to the cause.

The Sunset Kingdom consists of a rustic folk who appreciate the sweat and toil of hard work and the harvest. They keep themselves and the Northern Kingdom fed with the products of their fields. They are mostly peaceful and more at home with a tool in their hands than a weapon, but many – mostly young men seeking adventure – have given up farming to defend the northern border. They are a varied people in their trades, from the farm fields of the north to the deep mines in the south. The settlements along the Kings River and western coast are mainly fishers and freighters transporting cargo up and down the waterways. The Sunset Kingdom is resentful of the lavish Southern lifestyle and philosophical “lay-abouts” of the Sunrise Kingdom. They also disapprove of the Central and Eastern demands for taxes and military service, but they agree that both are necessary for the well being of their kingdom and others.

The Central Kingdom is in many ways similar to an empirical core. They hold the unofficial authority of a throne/king-like reigning power, although no true monarchy exists in any of the kingdoms. They rule over the surrounding kingdoms with an arrogance that only comes from an inflated sense of security and supply. They are dependent upon all the other kingdoms for taxation, yet they hold none is as high regard as themselves. Only the Eastern Kingdom possesses the manpower to overthrow the government of the Central Kingdom – made up of “bought” men from all over the empire – but because the core keeps their armor polished and their pockets heavy the East stands to lose more than they would gain by bucking the system.

The Eastern Kingdom is both noble and corrupt and unyielding in the application of rigid laws. They have sometimes been accused of being overzealous and even brutal in the enforcement of discipline, but they assure all that it is absolutely necessary for the safety and prosperity of all citizens. They regard the Northern and Sunset Kingdoms as being tough and hard-working, but also believe them to be in serious need of a stable, governing law. They are the eyes, ears, and enforcers of Central will and granted jurisdiction/amnesty in every kingdom. The Southern and Sunrise Kingdoms are uncomfortable with such an overbearing presence, but remain hospitable to avoid punishment. It is the Eastern Kingdom that serves to patrol and protect the south from exiled criminals believing that any crime, no matter the severity, is a constant rot destroying and decaying civil society.

The Southern Kingdom is pompous and gaudy and only interested in a rich, lavish lifestyle gained through trade with other kingdoms. Their biggest interest is in the profitable mines of the Sunset Kingdom and Amethyst Islands, but many barons also have investments in shipping firms and hold deeds to lands of the Sunset Kingdom. They are regarded as lazy and corrupt by the Eastern Kingdom, but they are also granted immunity/leniency by the Central Kingdom who receives handsome payment from the vast coffers of the Southern lords. While the South pretends at adhering to Central law it is really greed that runs their world. They care not for the Northern Kingdom, believing that they only consume supply from the Sunset Kingdom that ought to be channeled south. They are certain that the Northern and Eastern Kingdoms would protect them from any wild enemy. The bloodthirsty Nordes are more monsters from children’s tales than any real threat to the south; however there may come a time that south will have to face the Nordes and they can only pray their riches will appease the savages.

The Sunrise Kingdom is a lush paradise of hope, freedom, and philosophy. They are entirely peaceful and perfectly happy to live in harmony, open and appreciative of nature. They are a kingdom of soothsayers and sages, poets and artists, and often naked wandering beggars making their way through the world sure in the fact that universe will provide all that is needed to live. The Sunrise Kingdom is seen by all others as a na├»ve nuisance, but easily ignored unless one has to travel through their country. The Northern Kingdom is all too happy to be separated from the free-loving Sunrise by a great distance. The Eastern Kingdom is eagerly awaiting the day they can bring permanent order and discipline to the Sunrise Kingdom. The Central Kingdom is content to let them be, but wishes they would pay more taxes and serve a purpose. And the Southern Kingdom has not yet found a way to turn a profit from their neighbors, except the occasional slavers’ raid to shanghai Sunrise citizens into a life of labor and servitude. A common problem the other kingdoms – especially the Eastern – have with the Sunrise is that they often allow banished criminals re-entry and safe passage/hospitality. The Sunrise refuses to acknowledge that any man has the right/authority to deny another man his desires; therefore they risk their personal safety and stiff punishment to allow exiles to slip in and out of their lands. They think all land belongs to all men and thus ignore the border established between the Sunrise Kingdom and the Emerald Marsh/Lands of Exile. Some Sunrise citizens have lost their lives by granting amnesty to the wrong passerby who turned out to be a dangerous criminal, but others rarely heed the warning stating simply that “it was meant to be this way”. Besides this occasional tragedy the Sunrise knows nothing of violence, especially the hard fought life along the northern border.

The Lands of Exile encompass everything south of the Southern and Sunrise Kingdoms. Beginning in the bogs and swamps of the Emerald Marsh, the Lands of Exile prove to be harsh and unforgiving; hence they are the perfect prison/punishment for banished men. However, they also make the perfect breeding ground for desperate and dangerous men. Those that survive being exiled into the swamps and rugged mountains often cluster into loose bandit societies governed by tribal law. These gangs are composed of bitter men, vengeful towards the outside world that shunned them. Many draw on the criminal lives they were forsaken for and form thieves’ guilds and pirate crews and raid back into the empire. Pirates prefer the easy prey of the western coast, which is rich in treasures and supply from the Southern and Sunset Kingdoms, while others have discovered the narrow passage through the Hidden Gorge to the eastern coast where they can easily take captives from the Sunrise Kingdom. Some bold pirates have even dared raid against the Eastern Kingdom hoping to come away with better weapons and armor, but not all are so foolish as to tempt inviting the wrath of the powerful military. It is uncommon but does occur that some criminals – mostly those who were harshly judged for minor crimes – still hold an affinity for their home kingdoms and try to make their way back into those societies by slipping through the Sunrise Kingdom. The only kingdom actually know to take people back in is the Sunset Kingdom, but unspoken law dictates that accused/convicted criminals serve time defending the border in the Northern Kingdom. The Northern Kingdom is always desperate for more men in their fight against the Nordes, and although they appreciate the extra arms they don’t like that their lifestyle seems a fitting punishment for criminals and outcasts. Not all who come to the North for penance see it as punishment – some enjoy being part of something larger and the brotherhood shared among Northern soldiers. Nearly all view a few winters on the northern border as better than a lifetime in the Lands of Exile.

The Wild North is home to the marauding Nordes who want everything south of the Norde River, especially the rumored riches of the Southern Kingdom, but it is the Northern Kingdom that they absolutely hate with a burning single-mindedness.

The Outlands (aka the Southlands) are geographically separate from the Six Kingdoms, even more so than the Northern Kingdom, and are unknown to all but exiles and pirates. All that is known of the lands to the south is that climate varies from arid to tropical. The Southlanders have only very recently been introduced to the existence of the Six Kingdoms, but some have heard tales of the Amethyst Islands. A few dark or olive skinned Southlanders are members of pirate crews.

Nordes: A Mongol-like people. They ride great shaggy yaks and mammoths. Some ride a stocky, hearty northern pony and stories tell of them even taming/riding large bears. They are an ancient and violent people who continually attack the border and raid across the Norde River. They steal armor, weapons, livestock, and slaves from the Northern Kingdom. Their stone and wood tools/weapons are poorly matched against the stronger forged metals of the Kingdoms. Thus they rarely stand and fight in a matched battle. These harriers rely on savagery and guerilla tactics to constantly peck at the defending order of the Kingdoms. Their “disorganized” attacks keep the border in a state of constant warfare – splitting the main fighting among two areas between the Warr and Front rivers. A large wall is under construction from the Warr River to the Front River to better defend the open border. It has been a timber palisade under constant guard and repair since shortly after the establishment of the Northern Kingdom. It is now being reinforced with stone quarried from the mountains. It is planned to span even the most rugged terrain where only scattered guard/signal towers stand now, but the effort and manpower needed will take decades to complete.

The following is a concept/reference template for the people of the Six Kingdoms loosely based on real world cultures.
Nordes: Mongolian
Northern: Scandinavian
Sunset: British/American
Central: French
Eastern: German
Sunrise: Indian
Southern: Persian
Amethyst: Central/South American
Southlanders: African and Mediterranean

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Luminae: Who's Afraid of the Dark?

Yet another map. I used MS Paint to slap some legible labels on this one.

The rough idea of this world is that the "heavenly" force of light/land reached down and touched a formerly dark world of water. The light/land and dark/water sides are now battling over who will control the last realm of sky. Spirit is a neutral realm from which each side draws their power.
I think that there will be a fairly balanced ratio of earth and water in this world, but Light is hopelessly overwhelmed by Dark - like a candle in a vast cave. Maybe this mapped area is the last remaining hold out of Light and solid ground because the Dark has destroyed all other pockets. The rest of the land mass(es) have been overrun by evil and darkness and the land is no longer "stable". The terrain has been scarred and warped by the dark powers and battles. Solid ground was never meant to coincide with the shifting flow of dark magic and the unnatural combination has spawned unholy monsters.

I like to think that the territory between the Crescent and Ring rivers is fairly stable, but in a state of constant warfare. Maybe Light magic isn't as reliable in this area while Dark hardly falters at all. The peninsula beyond the Ring River is the kingdom of Luminae, and while outnumbered by the surrounding darkness, its inhabitants are still brave and valiant in the face of peril. Their faith and power remain strong against all odds and the concentration of hope, will, and Light just might be enough to turn the tide of war.

That's where I leave off and let others' imagination take over. What does the world look like? Who are the people/creatures that inhabit it? How does the magic work? Can the Light win? Should it? What will happen if it does or does not?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010



**I removed the locations of Bayfort Fords and Norford. They lay at the river crossings near Bayfort and Norton, but they looked crowded and redundant on the map. I did leave Redford/Redbridge because the location has a story behind it.

I changed the spelling of Rochlan to Rokland and added a few more ocean names - all with good reason**

This was a map I whipped up just for poops and giggles. It's much less involved than The Six Kingdoms both visually and story wise. Just last night I added the locations of Knight's Grave, Haven, Bayfort Fords, Norford, and Westbridge. I also added a crossing of the Bloodstone River but I can't decide if I'll name it Redbridge - similar to the nearby Red Ridge Mountains - or Redford. Who out there likes which?

Mayhap it used to be called Redford and a nearby town shared the same name, but then the ford was crossed by the wild, raiding Redmen from the south and the town was destroyed. Perhaps later the easily crossed ford was obliterated and a more defensible bridge was built with stone quarried from the mountains. I just pulled all that outta me bum...not too bad if I do say so myself...and I do!

Anywho, enjoy! I hope all y'all readers/followers can make out the place names on the maps - coming up with those are the funnest part, and they generate a majority of the associated stories.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hands off!

Now that I will be posting pics and story ideas I feel I must issue fair warning to any would be clepto-fiends. As one who has both studied anthropology and seen Disney's Aladdin I can attest that in certain parts of the world the hands of thieves are brutally hacked off for their crimes.

I will do this and more.

Get caught stealing any of my stuff and I will: tear your arm from its socket, beat you mercilessly with it, shove it so far down your throat that your wrist protrudes from your rectum, and then cut off your hand.

You've been warned.

The Six Kingdoms

Here's the colored version of The Six Kingdoms with the names of rivers.


Here's the most finished of many maps I've created. I am calling this world and related stories The Six Kingdoms. I could jabber for pages/hours about this world, its history, and the people who occupy it - but for reasons of space and time I will wait to see just who wants to know. That's the prompt for any interested parties or *cough* blog followers *cough cough* to request mas informacion and I will gleefully oblige.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Be gentle, I'm a newb

So here we go, my first ever blog. I can't believe I'm one of those people now. I suppose first and foremost I should issue thanks and praise to my rockin awesome cousin-in-law Kara Bang Boulden for her instruction and guidance into the world of computer related artistic mediums. She's an insanely talented graphic designer and, compared to me, a freaking computer genius!

I have been drawing since I was old enough to clasp a big, red crayon in my little fist. I was the kid with more doodles in my notebook than actual schoolwork. I started writing when I was around 13 or so. The rest since then has been a meandering chronology of wasted time, staring overwhelmed at a blank page, scribbling and erasing (repeat as needed), and like every other writer/artist I've ever known plenty of self doubt and overly harsh criticism.

I have been married for just barely over 3 years now and I still can't really understand why the missus tolerates me. It's the mystery of wives fellas, it's probably...strike that...it is for the best that you just don't ask their reasoning. Eventually she may also begin to wonder what the hell she sees in you and life after that will be a lonely existence of video games, dirty socks, and meals from a warm greasy sack or flat frosty box. But seriously...my wife Melissa and Kara (my cousin Ben's wife) are ridiculously supportive. Ben also writes, btw - he and Kara are the dynamic duo of creativity, support, and inspiration. Despite my hounding they don't drink as much as I do, but I shouldn't complain...more for me!

Kara and Melissa insist that anyone with creative talent of any measure should use it to the fullest extent. I don't disagree, but I also don't have the time, patience, confidence, or resources. So for the most part I day dream, jot down ideas as they occur to me, and rather infrequently get around to putting pen to paper.

More to follow....How am I doing so far?