Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Updated New Olympos

So this is the newest version of the New Olympos map. I was tinkering with names for the rivers the other day and decided I liked what happened, so there you go.

The story is this: It's set in a future time when humans have absolutely perfected genetic engineering and have no qualms abusing their new found "genius". Because it seems like everything scientific has Greek or Roman names I'm using that as cause to make us/humans decide to make mythological figures a reality. So we cross breed human genes with those of lions, wolves, eagles, hawks, horses, bulls, goats, rams, and other various critters to come up with the races. I'm thinking we also create hydras and monsters and junk.

We find/terraform a new planet - the map I made is just a small section - and give it Greek-ish names. The ships and space stations that orbit this planet will be given actual Greek names: Athens, Sparta, Thebes, Minoan, etc.

So we make the other races: Leos, Lykos, Aetos and Gerakis, and Agelios first and plant them on this new world. But because people are over-confident, self-righteos dumbasses they don't stop to think " hey, we've just created a whole population of natural enemies on one world together" , so they have to make super humans (reminiscient of and named after Greek heroes) and place them smack in the middle to keep the peace. However, even with these genetically modified "super humans" their presence is still too insignificant to stop anything but minor conflicts between the beast races. The warring species are just cordoned off into their own nation states and the heroes try to keep bloodshed to a minimum.

This is where the space marines from jump ships come into it. When the world is on the brink of chaos the powers that be decided that they'd rather see the whole thing obliterated than let their hubris win out. So the marines are deployed to clean up the mess the government and scientists made, but when the beasts and heroes realize that they are about to be wiped out they band together and fight back against anihilation at the hands of their creators.

Revisiting this storyline months after its original inception made me realize just how campy the idea really is. I don't know how I'm going to work it out since there a lot going on and a rather meaty sci-fi presence which I am completely unfamiliar with. Therefore any tips and/or suggestions and resources are very welcome.

And what the hey, it's just for poops and giggles anyway. Besides, Hollywood makes huge blockbuster movies of this type of crap all the time (300, Clash of the Titans, etc) so maybe there is yet hope to be rich and famous.....ya know, because writers are just rolling naked in mounds of cash.

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  1. hahahahahaha Where would movie goers be without nerds like you? ;)
    You think SO much like my little brother :D