Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vive Coalition!

Back in August I posted a link to Elfwood and made mention of sharing some of my favs. Well I'm finally getting around to it. And I feel I owe it to them.....better late than plug my Coalition chums. They are as follows:

Natalie J Walsh -

She was the first to welcome me to "the woods" and she remains a pal even though we don't jabber stories as much as we used to. I've linked to her wonderful writing before, but it is worth a second mention and then some.

Shelley Hobbs -

She is me down unda chum (aka mate) and a ridiculously talented seamstress. Find her on Facebook too and order some stuff....well take a number and be patient, she's a very busy lady.

Brendon thu Magpie McGahee -

I haven't heard a peep from him in a very long time, but I'd still call him a friend. If you check his guest book you'll see that he's a very likable and gracious fellow, although it appears that the world opened up and swallowed him. Either that or his band became famous and is currently touring the galaxy.

And last, but by far not the least

Matthew Makin -

I found him through Brendon and the guy's talent seriously makes me sick with jealousy. If I didn't like him I'd hate him because I'm not him. His gallery is amazing. Some of the pieces look like they might move at any second.

For thems that wonder, I call them my Coalition chums because for the briefest of moments (before I gave up on translating my stories to HTML to post to Elfwood) I suggested that we start the Coalition of the Woods as a kind of idea exchange. At the time Natalie and I were in the throes of emailing each other daily and swapping stories, Shelley and I were still getting to know each other - time very well spent ;) - and Brendon and Matthew and I were bantering via their guest books. I've always felt bad about bailing on everyone after they were so willing to be in my suggested group, but I felt like I was leeching off their combined genius while not contributing much of my own.

I still have those qualms about the blogs I follow. If I commented as much as I'd like to I wouldn't ever get anything else done and they'd probably get sick of me. By that token I can hardly blame people for not commenting on my stuff. You get what you give. My blog karma really sucks.

Next up, I'll post more Elfwood favorites (I know, I know, I've said that before) a few at a time to make up for the lack of.......well.......a whole lot of nothing lately.