Wednesday, July 7, 2010



**I removed the locations of Bayfort Fords and Norford. They lay at the river crossings near Bayfort and Norton, but they looked crowded and redundant on the map. I did leave Redford/Redbridge because the location has a story behind it.

I changed the spelling of Rochlan to Rokland and added a few more ocean names - all with good reason**

This was a map I whipped up just for poops and giggles. It's much less involved than The Six Kingdoms both visually and story wise. Just last night I added the locations of Knight's Grave, Haven, Bayfort Fords, Norford, and Westbridge. I also added a crossing of the Bloodstone River but I can't decide if I'll name it Redbridge - similar to the nearby Red Ridge Mountains - or Redford. Who out there likes which?

Mayhap it used to be called Redford and a nearby town shared the same name, but then the ford was crossed by the wild, raiding Redmen from the south and the town was destroyed. Perhaps later the easily crossed ford was obliterated and a more defensible bridge was built with stone quarried from the mountains. I just pulled all that outta me bum...not too bad if I do say so myself...and I do!

Anywho, enjoy! I hope all y'all readers/followers can make out the place names on the maps - coming up with those are the funnest part, and they generate a majority of the associated stories.

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  1. That's sweet. I like the story. Your bum was inspired. haha. I vote Redbridge because Redford reminds me too much of that ol' actor I love but he doesn't fit as a bridge.