Monday, July 12, 2010


This is a rather simple creation that I have decided to call Eoria - in my mind that is pronounced Yoria...not as though it were named after a certain depressed donkey from the Hundred Acre Wood. Also I think it just looks better with an E.

I haven't put a whole lot of thought into it, I just liked the combination of features and shapes. I also didn't include any rivers of other place names because I figure folks can use it as they'd like and add whatever strikes their fancy. I couldn't even decide which way I liked it positioned...I flipped it...rotated it...and just could settle on anything.

As a jumping off point I figured I'd throw out some concepts for races and see who likes what. I thought the Ayori (also another reason I avoided Yoria - I didn't want the names too redundant) could be an ancient land/terrain race. Their architecture is composed of terraced platforms and gardens like the Inca. The idea struck me from terra and race....terrace. Voila!

And since every world thrives on conflict I tossed in the E'titi, a water race - can't decide whether they're Atlantean humaniods or some sort of merfolk - that have recently come in to the region. Other users' imaginations can decide the relative time span correspondent to the term "recently". Maybe the E'titi just barely got there, maybe they've been around for decades, centuries, decide.

By the way, the Ayori could be a stone worshipping people. It's makes for a good justification of conflict with a water people. The Ayori see the land as permanent and ageless, having always existed. Now there's this culture from the depths making war with them. The Ayori believe that they are incredibly strong and steadfast and will stand against the E'titi as the coast weathers the pounding tide. The E'titi on the other hand see the ocean as endless and know that over time the relentless onslaught of waves will erode the shore, carrying it away a bit at a time until it's been reduced to nothing.

And....GO! I'd love to hear what people do with the ideas, or brand spanking new ones of their own.

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  1. You could also make the Ayori worshippers of the air and wind. Maybe make the relationship with the E'titi more symbiotic - water evaporates into the air, air makes up part of the water. But their struggle could be finding autonomy from each other, and in this struggle there comes war. What do ya think?