Monday, July 19, 2010

Natalie Maps

This is a map I did months ago for a Coalition mate and very good friend of mine, Natalie J Walsh. She's a fantastically gifted writer given she's just a pup.

She always tells me how envious she is of the names I come up with for places, but given that she is writing a remarkably originally fantasy story combining the names of Heaven's gates and tarot cards I would have to (and do) envy her!

If you like this check out her page at and be sure to hound her with comments demanding more stories. I know for a fact that she has written several more chapters than what's posted and each is muy fabuloso.

This map is a modified version of what is above. This area is the southern desert region of Raqi'a, I just expanded it and shifted a couple of the islands. This positioning makes better sense based on the descriptions of climate and overall size that Natalie supplied. Again, she's an awesome writer! Totally check out her stuff and be sure to tell her the Zombie Gunslinger sent you.

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